Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hi guys~

Hi guys!!
I apologize for being absent for so long :[ 
I didnt mean to be so away, i just have been very busy with school and work.

I hope you can forgive me, i should have updated you guys but i forgot ):
Well at least i'm here now, I hope you all had an awesome New Year!
I have so many resolutions for this year and i really hope to keep to them!

I'll be working on my first lolita dress soon with my Angelic Pretty Dress pattern :D
So excited ~ <3
I hope you guys are excited too ^_^

So i think that's it for now,
I have many updates coming especially with cosplays and such.
I already sorted out all of my cosplay plans with my friends for AN 2012!
So look out for that!! :P

And my last update was about buying fabric for my Sailor Moon cosplay.
I'm saddened to tell you i still haven't finished it, sigh sigh.
I abandoned it but i will revive it closer to AN when i have to finish it.

I also am going to Portugal for a week during March Break, so excited!
It should be fun, i'm going with my dad, my uncle, my aunt sorta, and her kids. :D
I'm really excited, i've never been to like a country outside north america.
And since i have a job i'll have lots of money to spend <3

I think that's it for now :O
Will update soon!
So yeah! 
Bye guys ~ (:

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Cosplay Progress

Hey everyone! :)
So guess what....!
I started to work on my Sailor Moon cosplay costume! :D
Me and my mom went to FabricLand today to get some fabrics for the outfit, we also got a pattern from a local sewing shop since we could not find one that suited our needs at Fabricland.

If you didn't already know, the other 2 cosplays that have been homemade that i own{Super Chibiusa&Miku Hatsune WIM}, my mom did like almost all of the work.
But she gave me her old sewing machine{Since she has industrial :/}
And i started to work with that!
Of course i started on the easier things first...{Bows}.
My mom was there to help me, but i did all of the sewing and i am extremely proud of myself >w<

I think i did an awesome job, and of course the most important part of when you are doing crafts or anything in general...
And that's what i did, hehe.
I had so much fun! I didn't even take my afternoon nap! It took me... 3-4 hours to do them! 
That counting my little practice on scrap pieces.

And the finished result{I still have to sew them together, but each bow is sewn together individually :D}

Well that's it for an update today...
I'll update you guys later! Ttyl! :D 

Friday, 14 October 2011

iPhone 4S & Blackberry Playbook!

Hey guys :)!
So i wanted to do a little haul for you guys! ~
So today i waited outside the Telus store at 8am to get an iPhone 4S! I was sooo happy they had the one i wanted in the colour i wanted{32GB in white} !
I'm so freaking happy, my Blackberry Bold 9700 broke for like the 2nd time in less than 7 months last weekend.
It was stressful and than i finally got the iPhone 4S!
It is so freaking cool! ^_^ I've wanted an iPhone for awhile, i mean their cases are sooo coool!
And the phone is just awesome it self.
But don't get me wrong i still support Blackberry all the way i just wanted an iPhone verses another Blackberry!
I also ordered 3 cute cases for my iPhone from ebay!
I got 2 rilakkuma cases & 1 bunny one with bunny ears and a pompom tail!
I can't wait for them to arrive :)!

A couple weeks ago i'm not sure if i told you guys but my dad bought me the Blackberry Playbook!
I love that freaking thing, it's so cool (:
But yeah :) It was helpful while my blackberry was broken because i could bluetooth it and it would do bbm on their so it helped to keep in contact with people who had bbm! :D

So yeah that's mostly it, talk to you guys later :)
I love working btw ~ 
My work is so much fun and i love the people.
TaTa ~

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Movie obsessed!

Hii everyone :) ! 
Today ive been watching a ton of movies! Thank god for netflix ! Boy does it help when your bored ! 
The movies that i watched were 
  1. Black Swan
  2. No Strings Attached
  3. Never Let Me Go
And now im watching Halloweentown 2, though its on youtube lol.
and now i realized that netflix has anime im double excited that we have netflix :p

idunno what else to say and im typing on my playbook so yeah! 

Friday, 7 October 2011

Sailor Moon Cosplay Tutorial..?

Hi guys!
I was curious as to if you wanted a Usagi/Sailor Moon makeup tutorial!
Here's my version, just let me know :D

I most likely won't put it up till i have my cosplay done :/
But that will be before the end of October so dont' worry!!
Let me know!! :D Thanks guys <3

Cosplay Wig Haul

Hey hey guys! :)
I'm so freaking happy cause guess what!!!....
My wigs arrived this morning! :)
I took some pictures and put them on, god i love them! They are amazing!!! ^_^
I really do like this ebay seller, i'm pleased with the 3 wigs i own from them <3
Def gonna order from them again :P
The ebay seller is Greatarchy09

So here's the Sailor Moon wig.

&&Here's the Sheryl Nome wig.

I'm doing my second day of training today, superduper excited :D!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ugg Haul

Heyhey guys :)
So i just got back from the mall and decided i would make a blog post for you guys! :)
I've been wanting these for a little while, since i have a love for Uggs in general{I have 2 pairs of boots}....
And i love the trend of moccasins, i decided to get a pair of the Ugg Dakotas C:! Those are the moccasins that they made ^_^.
They are sooo comfy! I already have a pair of moccasins, ones by Ziginy or something... But they are completely destroyed D: ... So i needed a new pair of shoes since my school won't let us wear boots anymore :/ so yeah... DUMBOS! >n<;;

But yeah, i got them in the chocolate brown i believe. :P
They are so purdy ! <3
I'd take pictures but i don't have the charger for the DSLR so i can't take pictures haha. :/

So that's mostly it <3
I bought some more of the Lioele A.C. Control Set :)!
I ran out and now i've been without it for awhile :C..
My skin is terrible, so i hope it comes soon! 
You can order it from here

I also cannot wait for my wigs to come in!
:) ! I hope they are what i expect!
They are currently in customs in Mississauga

And i also started my first day of training/work yesterday at McDonalds !
My friend trained me and it was awesome! I know how to make french fries, and clean and work the till a bit ^_^
It was so much fun! :D

And guess what!!!
It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend!
I cannot wait to eat turkey and stuffing, ooohhhbbabyyy !C:
Hehehe... ^^;