Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Cosplay Progress

Hey everyone! :)
So guess what....!
I started to work on my Sailor Moon cosplay costume! :D
Me and my mom went to FabricLand today to get some fabrics for the outfit, we also got a pattern from a local sewing shop since we could not find one that suited our needs at Fabricland.

If you didn't already know, the other 2 cosplays that have been homemade that i own{Super Chibiusa&Miku Hatsune WIM}, my mom did like almost all of the work.
But she gave me her old sewing machine{Since she has industrial :/}
And i started to work with that!
Of course i started on the easier things first...{Bows}.
My mom was there to help me, but i did all of the sewing and i am extremely proud of myself >w<

I think i did an awesome job, and of course the most important part of when you are doing crafts or anything in general...
And that's what i did, hehe.
I had so much fun! I didn't even take my afternoon nap! It took me... 3-4 hours to do them! 
That counting my little practice on scrap pieces.

And the finished result{I still have to sew them together, but each bow is sewn together individually :D}

Well that's it for an update today...
I'll update you guys later! Ttyl! :D 

Friday, 14 October 2011

iPhone 4S & Blackberry Playbook!

Hey guys :)!
So i wanted to do a little haul for you guys! ~
So today i waited outside the Telus store at 8am to get an iPhone 4S! I was sooo happy they had the one i wanted in the colour i wanted{32GB in white} !
I'm so freaking happy, my Blackberry Bold 9700 broke for like the 2nd time in less than 7 months last weekend.
It was stressful and than i finally got the iPhone 4S!
It is so freaking cool! ^_^ I've wanted an iPhone for awhile, i mean their cases are sooo coool!
And the phone is just awesome it self.
But don't get me wrong i still support Blackberry all the way i just wanted an iPhone verses another Blackberry!
I also ordered 3 cute cases for my iPhone from ebay!
I got 2 rilakkuma cases & 1 bunny one with bunny ears and a pompom tail!
I can't wait for them to arrive :)!

A couple weeks ago i'm not sure if i told you guys but my dad bought me the Blackberry Playbook!
I love that freaking thing, it's so cool (:
But yeah :) It was helpful while my blackberry was broken because i could bluetooth it and it would do bbm on their so it helped to keep in contact with people who had bbm! :D

So yeah that's mostly it, talk to you guys later :)
I love working btw ~ 
My work is so much fun and i love the people.
TaTa ~

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Movie obsessed!

Hii everyone :) ! 
Today ive been watching a ton of movies! Thank god for netflix ! Boy does it help when your bored ! 
The movies that i watched were 
  1. Black Swan
  2. No Strings Attached
  3. Never Let Me Go
And now im watching Halloweentown 2, though its on youtube lol.
and now i realized that netflix has anime im double excited that we have netflix :p

idunno what else to say and im typing on my playbook so yeah! 

Friday, 7 October 2011

Sailor Moon Cosplay Tutorial..?

Hi guys!
I was curious as to if you wanted a Usagi/Sailor Moon makeup tutorial!
Here's my version, just let me know :D

I most likely won't put it up till i have my cosplay done :/
But that will be before the end of October so dont' worry!!
Let me know!! :D Thanks guys <3

Cosplay Wig Haul

Hey hey guys! :)
I'm so freaking happy cause guess what!!!....
My wigs arrived this morning! :)
I took some pictures and put them on, god i love them! They are amazing!!! ^_^
I really do like this ebay seller, i'm pleased with the 3 wigs i own from them <3
Def gonna order from them again :P
The ebay seller is Greatarchy09

So here's the Sailor Moon wig.

&&Here's the Sheryl Nome wig.

I'm doing my second day of training today, superduper excited :D!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ugg Haul

Heyhey guys :)
So i just got back from the mall and decided i would make a blog post for you guys! :)
I've been wanting these for a little while, since i have a love for Uggs in general{I have 2 pairs of boots}....
And i love the trend of moccasins, i decided to get a pair of the Ugg Dakotas C:! Those are the moccasins that they made ^_^.
They are sooo comfy! I already have a pair of moccasins, ones by Ziginy or something... But they are completely destroyed D: ... So i needed a new pair of shoes since my school won't let us wear boots anymore :/ so yeah... DUMBOS! >n<;;

But yeah, i got them in the chocolate brown i believe. :P
They are so purdy ! <3
I'd take pictures but i don't have the charger for the DSLR so i can't take pictures haha. :/

So that's mostly it <3
I bought some more of the Lioele A.C. Control Set :)!
I ran out and now i've been without it for awhile :C..
My skin is terrible, so i hope it comes soon! 
You can order it from here

I also cannot wait for my wigs to come in!
:) ! I hope they are what i expect!
They are currently in customs in Mississauga

And i also started my first day of training/work yesterday at McDonalds !
My friend trained me and it was awesome! I know how to make french fries, and clean and work the till a bit ^_^
It was so much fun! :D

And guess what!!!
It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend!
I cannot wait to eat turkey and stuffing, ooohhhbbabyyy !C:
Hehehe... ^^;

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Cosplays & Wishlist of 2011&2012!

Hey guys! While i'm currently typing this i be watching Transformers 3.
We bought it today, as well as the Underworld Triology! I'm loving it so far, i've already seen the movie in theatres but it's nice to sit down on the couch and just watch it with a blanket and some treats! :)
Since i got a job, as some of you may know if you have been reading my blog posts.
I start this Wednesday, October 5th! It feels like sucha far time away, i want it to come quicker!!!
But i'm ready and so excited, it's kinda silly but it's my first job and it will definitely be fun and achieving, plus my bestfriends going to be training me... SCORE! :D
Since i am getting a job that means that i want to buy so many things! There are so many things that i want this year, so many attractive things! So i decided to put together a little wishlist/goals to show you guys :)
And to keep track of my wishlist for myself!
  • Angelic Pretty Milky Berry OP
  • Macbook Pro
  • Playstation 3
  • Liz Lisa clothing{Nothing really in general just alot :P}
  • Candy Doll lip gloss/sticks
  • Candy Doll blushes
  • Nikon D5100
  • Nitendo DS
  • Popteen magazines
  • More Lolita stuff
  • Make my room pretty!
  • Go to Japan
  • 'Fashion' wigs
  • Will update later C:
Sooo, since 2011 is coming to a slow close, that means i need to fit in 2 more cosplays.
One for halloween, and the other for Dtac in december. >w<
I'm super duper excited. I've already ordered the wigs and planned out the cosplays.
I've decided to do Sailor Moon for Halloween and than Sheryl Nome diamond crevasse for Dtac :D
I'm so stoked! It's going to be so exciting! And my moms going to help me! I hope i can do it now with having work :(

I think that's it... OH WAIT. :D !!! My dad got me a playbook.
A Blackberry Playbook if you didn't know what that is. It's so awesome! And it's even better owning a Blackberry since i can connect them together!
I love it so much!
More than i thought i would, bahaha.
The quality of the camera/video camera is amazing!!!
It takes 1080p videos! So awesome!!!! C:

I recorded an everyday makeup tutorial, i'll upload it later ! <3

I think that's all!
Talk to you guys later! :)