Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hi guys~

Hi guys!!
I apologize for being absent for so long :[ 
I didnt mean to be so away, i just have been very busy with school and work.

I hope you can forgive me, i should have updated you guys but i forgot ):
Well at least i'm here now, I hope you all had an awesome New Year!
I have so many resolutions for this year and i really hope to keep to them!

I'll be working on my first lolita dress soon with my Angelic Pretty Dress pattern :D
So excited ~ <3
I hope you guys are excited too ^_^

So i think that's it for now,
I have many updates coming especially with cosplays and such.
I already sorted out all of my cosplay plans with my friends for AN 2012!
So look out for that!! :P

And my last update was about buying fabric for my Sailor Moon cosplay.
I'm saddened to tell you i still haven't finished it, sigh sigh.
I abandoned it but i will revive it closer to AN when i have to finish it.

I also am going to Portugal for a week during March Break, so excited!
It should be fun, i'm going with my dad, my uncle, my aunt sorta, and her kids. :D
I'm really excited, i've never been to like a country outside north america.
And since i have a job i'll have lots of money to spend <3

I think that's it for now :O
Will update soon!
So yeah! 
Bye guys ~ (: