Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Cosplay Progress

Hey everyone! :)
So guess what....!
I started to work on my Sailor Moon cosplay costume! :D
Me and my mom went to FabricLand today to get some fabrics for the outfit, we also got a pattern from a local sewing shop since we could not find one that suited our needs at Fabricland.

If you didn't already know, the other 2 cosplays that have been homemade that i own{Super Chibiusa&Miku Hatsune WIM}, my mom did like almost all of the work.
But she gave me her old sewing machine{Since she has industrial :/}
And i started to work with that!
Of course i started on the easier things first...{Bows}.
My mom was there to help me, but i did all of the sewing and i am extremely proud of myself >w<

I think i did an awesome job, and of course the most important part of when you are doing crafts or anything in general...
And that's what i did, hehe.
I had so much fun! I didn't even take my afternoon nap! It took me... 3-4 hours to do them! 
That counting my little practice on scrap pieces.

And the finished result{I still have to sew them together, but each bow is sewn together individually :D}

Well that's it for an update today...
I'll update you guys later! Ttyl! :D 

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