Friday, 14 October 2011

iPhone 4S & Blackberry Playbook!

Hey guys :)!
So i wanted to do a little haul for you guys! ~
So today i waited outside the Telus store at 8am to get an iPhone 4S! I was sooo happy they had the one i wanted in the colour i wanted{32GB in white} !
I'm so freaking happy, my Blackberry Bold 9700 broke for like the 2nd time in less than 7 months last weekend.
It was stressful and than i finally got the iPhone 4S!
It is so freaking cool! ^_^ I've wanted an iPhone for awhile, i mean their cases are sooo coool!
And the phone is just awesome it self.
But don't get me wrong i still support Blackberry all the way i just wanted an iPhone verses another Blackberry!
I also ordered 3 cute cases for my iPhone from ebay!
I got 2 rilakkuma cases & 1 bunny one with bunny ears and a pompom tail!
I can't wait for them to arrive :)!

A couple weeks ago i'm not sure if i told you guys but my dad bought me the Blackberry Playbook!
I love that freaking thing, it's so cool (:
But yeah :) It was helpful while my blackberry was broken because i could bluetooth it and it would do bbm on their so it helped to keep in contact with people who had bbm! :D

So yeah that's mostly it, talk to you guys later :)
I love working btw ~ 
My work is so much fun and i love the people.
TaTa ~

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