Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ugg Haul

Heyhey guys :)
So i just got back from the mall and decided i would make a blog post for you guys! :)
I've been wanting these for a little while, since i have a love for Uggs in general{I have 2 pairs of boots}....
And i love the trend of moccasins, i decided to get a pair of the Ugg Dakotas C:! Those are the moccasins that they made ^_^.
They are sooo comfy! I already have a pair of moccasins, ones by Ziginy or something... But they are completely destroyed D: ... So i needed a new pair of shoes since my school won't let us wear boots anymore :/ so yeah... DUMBOS! >n<;;

But yeah, i got them in the chocolate brown i believe. :P
They are so purdy ! <3
I'd take pictures but i don't have the charger for the DSLR so i can't take pictures haha. :/

So that's mostly it <3
I bought some more of the Lioele A.C. Control Set :)!
I ran out and now i've been without it for awhile :C..
My skin is terrible, so i hope it comes soon! 
You can order it from here

I also cannot wait for my wigs to come in!
:) ! I hope they are what i expect!
They are currently in customs in Mississauga

And i also started my first day of training/work yesterday at McDonalds !
My friend trained me and it was awesome! I know how to make french fries, and clean and work the till a bit ^_^
It was so much fun! :D

And guess what!!!
It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend!
I cannot wait to eat turkey and stuffing, ooohhhbbabyyy !C:
Hehehe... ^^;

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